Katrina Pierson – President Trump is Exposing the DC Swamp

Earlier today, Maria Bartiromo and Katrina Pierson discussed Mueller’s conflicts as both former FBI director and special counsel as well as the irony the investigation is leading right back to Democrats.

Maria Bartiromo:

You have to wonder. A lot of it was going on when Mueller was running the FBI. Will the Department of Justice do it’s job. Can they be effective with all of the conflicts surrounding Mueller?

Katrina Pierson:

Well I think at this point Maria, they really don’t have a choice. You know when I came to DC a friend of mine told me “you don’t go to DC to change it, you go to DC to expose it” and then the people will change it and I think there’s one thing that President Trump has been very successful at doing, along with being a candidate Trump is exposing a number of things that have been happening in the swamp which is exactly why people have wanted to drain it.

 Watch the video: