Katrina Pierson – Mueller’s Investigation ‘Ironically Leading Everyone to the Democrats’

This morning Katrina Pierson spoke with Maria Bartiromo and gave her reaction to Robert Mueller’s first indictments and the news probe subject Tony Podesta has stepped down from the Podesta group.

Maria Bartiromo:

You’re somebody who obviously worked closely on the campaign. What did you make of these charges?

Katrina Pierson:

We’ve been saying all along that there is no Russia collusion with the Trump campaign. I think these charges are something that came from things that happened years ago prior to the President even meeting Manfort. I think this is just indicative of where the investigation is going. They’re not really looking at Russia hacking anymore. They’re not really looking at collusion anymore. Now I think they’re just trying to make it more broad. But you know what is interesting about this is this investigation ironically is leading everyone to the Democrats and I think that’s what’s going to get interesting moving forward.

Watch the video: