Katrina Pierson – Mexico Must Be Held Accountable for Violence and Rape Epidemic at Border

As reported by Newsmax

President Donald Trump is on the money when he says women have been raped “at levels that nobody has ever seen before” in a caravan of migrants traveling from Central America to seek asylum in the U.S., Katrina Pierson, former national spokesperson for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, told Newsmax TV on Friday.

“This is a very true situation. President Trump is absolutely right. Sometimes far worse happens to women when they are trying to come into this country, and even children,” Pierson, who now works for America First Action, a pro-Trump PAC, said to Miranda Khan on Newsmax’s “America Talks Live.”

“This is not something which is brand new. There are reports out there, there are studies that have been done. People fleeing to the U.S. are actually victims of horrendous crime and some of them even die trying and that is why we have to get a handle on our southern border.

“We have to hold people accountable for allow these types of things to happen.”

Pierson was responding to blowback from former Mexican President Vicente Fox who, appearing on appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday, ripped into Trump’s claim and decision to send National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border.

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“He lies, lies, lies, lies again to the American people. This kind of event, the so-called caravan happens every year. As a matter of fact, close to 500,000 Central Americans cross the border into Mexico, and 400,000 of them are sent back,” Fox said.

“Another 100,000 get into Mexico or around there and they decide to come to the states, but Mexico is doing their jobs, sending the people back to their homes, with a lot of compassion, humane attitude, not with a stick. Now, he lied about the rapist level there … tell the truth to your people. Don’t lie to them everyday.”