Katrina Pierson on How Media’s Overdone Bias Against Trump Will Backfire on Them

Appearing on Fox Business’ “Varney and Company,” Katrina Pierson explains how the unhinged post Trump derangement syndrome of the mainstream media has led to them overdoing their hateful and biased coverage against the President.

While the economy continues to reach all new highs, the media refuses to report any of Trump’s successes due solely to their personal bitterness and inability to accept defeat. This will ultimately backfire as the educated public has become aware of the shenanigans.

This is what we call in Trump campaign world, PTSD of politics “post Trump derangement syndrome.” They’ve absolutely overdone it. This President can’t win no matter how great he’s been. People are going to see that effect in their pocketbook, they’re going to see it in the economy, they’re going to see it in their communities even because this President is committed to making America great again. He’s doing everything he can to work across the aisle. He’s working in good faith with the establishment up to this point and I do think you’re going to see a lot of that impacting the communities as well as the representatives who want to see this type of change. They’ve absolutely overdone it, they need to start giving him credit where credit is due because it’s going to backfire on them.