Katrina Pierson and Judge Jeanine Debate Liberal Dem on Immigration

Moments ago on Judge Jeanine, things got quite heated as Katrina Pierson joined to debate a liberal democrat on the topic of immigration.

Incredibly, the liberal democrat did not feel President Trump trading a border wall for DACA went far enough for illegals and wanted even MORE amnesty.

Once again, it just seems no matter how many concessions the left get, they can never get enough of their love of importing illegal trespassing future democrat voters.

Katrina Pierson:

The people of the United States delivered an American First president in Donald J. Trump and that’s exactly what he’s trying to give them. We keep hearing about the DACA kids. What about border security? What about enforcing our current laws that are on the books that so many people are upset about? More importantly, they’re really upset about this free flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. We need to address those issues. But those DACA kids, those poor kids, they aren’t even kids.