Katrina Pierson – Why Isn’t Media Questioning Dems Refusing to Condemn Farrakhan?

Moments ago on Risk and Reward, Katrina Pierson eviscerated Democrats for refusing to condemn anti-semite and racist leader Louis Farrakhan. Pierson also called on the media to hold these Democrats accountable and force them to answer questions.

As reported by Fox News, more than a week after Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan delivered a blistering speech in Chicago in which he said “powerful Jews are my enemy” and “white folks are going down,” calls are growing louder for Democratic leaders and Women’s March founders with ties to denounce him or step down.

Democrats refusing to denounce Farrakhan include Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison and Al Green.

Katrina Pierson:

This is the huge double standard that we see in the media and i’m not sure why right leaning media isn’t asking isn’t asking them that question every single day… It’s time that we flipped the page on how we’re treating republicans vs. democrats particularly with the racism charge whereas there is no racism when it comes to Trump and his campaign and it was outwardly obvious in the situation where you have sitting members of the democrat party who are holding court with someone who said Hitler was a great man…If this were a republican, the media would be parked outside their home, would be harassing their family members, forcing them to denounce all of those statements.