Katrina Pierson – Flynn’s Plea Deal Being Overhyped By Anti-Trump Media

Moments ago, Katrina Pierson appeared on “Making Money” with Charles Payne to discuss Michael Flynn’s plea deal and explained why it is being overhyped by the Anti-Trump media.

Charles Payne:

You know as the news broke, there is a scene that is floating around from “The View,” Joy Behar in the middle of the show, someone gave her a little blue card, and she screamed for joy. It was like “This is it. We know. We GOT HIM!” I mean it’s obvious a lot of folks out there want this to be a worst case scenario…Is there some fire with this smoke?

Katrina Pierson:

Not at all. This is another one of those times when the left and the media rejoice by thinking somehow they are going to take down the President and that’s just not gonna happen. This was something that a lot of people were expecting, an indictment on Mike Flynn. At the same time this was after the election was won as Madison just said. This was supposed to be a collusion excursion which turns out to be very faulty and in fact, we’re not even talking about something related to Russia in that sense as far as the campaign goes, again this happened during transition and moving forward, Charles and I think this is really what’s going to do deflate the balloon. The previous FBI thought General Flynn was just confused when he made those statements because of course everyone was drinking from a fire hose and it was now Mueller who decided ‘no I think he did it on purpose” ..and even General Flynn himself says it was just way too expensive, too much a drain on his family so he just simply bowed out.