Katrina Pierson Exposes Why Loretta Lynch is Scrambling to Protect Herself

Yesterday on “Risk and Reward,” Trump 2020 Senior Adviser Katrina Pierson exposed why Loretta Lynch is scrambling to “clear the record” on asking former Obama FBI Director James Comey to refer to Hillary’s investigation as merely “a matter.”

Comey’s book tour is coming up and Loretta Lynch’s account of this exchange  and Comey’s contradict each other and don’t match up.

It certainly appears either one of them, if not both of them, are lying.

Katrina Pierson:

Well I think the public is going to be in for a big surprise in the months coming up because Loretta Lynch is not someone who typically gives interviews and she has broken her silence conveniently a week before Comey’s book release simply to make her case