Katrina Pierson Explains Why Democrats are Desperate for New Leadership

Democrat lawmaker Linda Sanchez of California has called on Chuck Schumer to “pass the torch” to new leadership.

In her recent appearance on Fox and Friends, Katrina Pierson explained why Democrats are so desperate for new leadership.

This is what happens when your stuck in a party that does nothing but play politics of gender and every other separation, but it is undeniable that in a post-Obama era party that the Democrats are struggling to find their voice. You had someone who was relatively unknown come in and beat the Clinton establishment and then they ran that same establishment who lost again. So sure, they should absolutely be looking for new leadership.

After Democratic Strategist Atima Omara defends the work of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, Katrina explains why she would actually love for the two top Democrats to stay in power.

I would actually like them to stay, Dean. I’m not one of those people calling for new leadership. President Trump is doing a great job reaching across the aisle when necessary, he is taking on both sides of the establishment here and beat them both in November. I’d love to see them stay in place they are the leaders that led the Democrat party to where they are now. Extremely divisive and dismissive of half the population and with midterms coming up we need those voices out there again to show which party is actually moving towards the future.


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