Katrina Pierson Explains Why Trump’s ‘America First’ Tax Cuts Must Be Supported

Democrats and even some establishment Republicans seem to forget that reducing taxes and regulations during the Reagan era were a proven boom to both federal tax revenues and  the U.S. Economy.

Speaking to Deidre Bolton on Risk & Reward, Katrina Pierson explains how seeing who supports President Trump’s “America First” tax policy will separate the failed establishment politicians that need to be replaced with those on board with the true “America First” Trump agenda the people voted for.

Your seeing those politicians who talk a big game during campaigning but there is really only one that is pushing the envelope and that is President Trump so now we’re going to see which politicians move forward, particularly on the Republican side. Tax Cuts are part of the platform. We’re wanting to empower people, encourage entrepreneurship, and put more money in people’s pockets.