Katrina Pierson Explains Why Trump is Putting American Steel First “The U.S. Needs to Rely on Itself”

Moments ago on Fox and Friends First, Katrina Pierson debated a Democrat on the topic of President Trump’s proposed 25% tariff on steel imports.

Pierson explained why President Trump keeping his campaign promise to be tough on trade is good for America.

Katrina Pierson:

I would say that the trade war started in NAFTA when you had so many people lose their job and so many shops close and this is a campaign promise that he made to the American people. This is something he’s talked about in his 15 years of discussing U.S. Policy. But this is what is really important. We have a situation where we have a steel industry that is nearly extinct. We have an aluminum industry that is pretty much endangered at this point and the President is absolutely right, particularly in a time of terrorism and potential war. The United States needs to rely on itself.