Katrina Pierson Explains Why Dems Outraged Over “Haiti” Comments are Hypocrites

In response to the liberal media’s outrage over reports that President Trump referred to Haiti as a “sh*thole country,” Katrina Pierson reminds Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton who are now suddenly concerned about Haiti of their hypocrisy.

I’m sorry, but if you supported Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation then your outcry and criticism in defense of the state of nation of Haiti is not only disingenuous, but laughable. Your sudden concern is merely for political expediency.

In his book Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, Dinesh D’Souza details how the Clintons got rich off poor Haitians.

You can read an excerpt of Dinesh’s book here. 

Haiti has the lowest Human Development Index in the Americas and is rife with corruption.

The Clinton’s corruption in Haiti is also well documented in the movie “Clinton Cash.”

You can watch the entire segment below.