Katrina Pierson – Deranged Democrats Pushing U.S. Citizens Aside to Cater to Illegals

Yesterday evening on Steve Hilton, Katrina Pierson discussed why Sanctuary cities harboring criminals are unacceptable along with what President Trump is doing to keep his promise to abolish them.

Katrina Pierson:

This is absolutely a large issue. I’m really glad your talking about it. We’re talking about municipalities inside the United States who are by design unlawfully keeping criminal aliens inside the country putting their own citizens at risk, run by Democrats. This is a very huge issue because we have a situations like Kate Steinle for example, individuals who are in this country and have committed crimes, even felonies, have been deported and come back because there is a place for them to stay. It’s unacceptable and the President has been very consistent.

Later in the segment, Pierson discussed how Democrats are catering to illegals instead of looking out for American citizens.

We now have a Democrat party that is in such disarray with regards to their policies and even their identity at this point. The Trump Derangement syndrome has reached a delusional stage because now they’re actively campaigning for people who aren’t even their constituents. They are absolutely pushing the American citizen aside and catering towards people in this country illegally.