Katrina Pierson Demands Senator Gillibrand Stop Protecting Sexual Predators in Congress

Moments ago, appearing with guest host Ed Henry on the Martha Maccallum show, Katrina Pierson debated with a Democrat who claimed that NY Senator Gillibrand’s sudden disavowal of Al Franken and Bill Clinton after decades of taking Clinton money is “not political.”

Katrina Pierson pointed out that if Kirsten Gillibrand truly wanted to protect women, she should name the names of the sitting members of Congress who are sexual harassers that she has discussed but is complicit in protecting by not outing.

Katrina Pierson:

At the end of the day Ed, this is the situation. This is not a reckoning. This is definitely political and it’s very highly charged. If this was about the women, Senator Gillibrand herself says there are sitting members of Congress who are preying on women. She refuses to name those names. That is completely unacceptable.


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