Katrina Pierson “We Should Demand the People Be Told” who the Sexual Harassers in Congress Are

Earlier today, Katrina Pierson appeared with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the current double standard in the political atmosphere and the need for the names of predators in congress to be released immediately.

Dem Rep Jackie Speier has testified there are members of congress she knows who have harassed women but she refuses to name them.

Meanwhile, we now know Dem Rep. John Conyers has settled his sexual harassment case after his victim felt “blackballed.”

It just goes to show you the hypocrisy and  double standard in the political atmosphere and I will say that health-ethics committee is an oxymoron. But you know what? Let’s finally use it for a good purpose and set the standard and set the guidelines and actually lead on the issue and I think it’s great that Democrats have suddenly found this moral compass on the way women should be treated but had this not happened in Hollywood, we’d probably not even be having this discussion…We should take this opportunity…as women, as people in politics and in media to move that ball forward and demand that the people be told who these individuals are and they should step down immediately if they are abusing women. We should find out how much money went out to cover this up and to silence those women because this can not be the standard moving forward.