Katrina Pierson Debates Dem Who Falsely Claims Trump-Russia Collusion is a Fact

Moments ago on Judge Jeanine, Katrina Pierson debated former DNC Deputy Press Secretary Jose Aristimuno who made the completely false claim that Trump-Russia collusion in indeed fact.

How can an honest discussion begin on this topic when Democrast like Aristimuno are literally just making fake claims up as they go along?

Later in the segment Judge Jeanine and Pierson challenge Aristimuno to name the Russians who colluded with the Trump campaign. He had no answer.

Jose Aristimuno:

There is clear evidence that the Russians were emailing back and forth with Trump’s son in law, with others, with advisors in the administration. They were trying to reach out.

Katrina Pierson:

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The Russians or a Russian because that’s completely different. We’re talking about colluding with the Russians as in the Russian government to influence the election. There’s zero evidence of that. Adam Schiff has even said there is zero evidence of that because if there were we would be hearing indictments by now with the leaks that go on in the Department of Justice and FBI. We would have been told something.