Katrina Pierson – Comey Exposed Himself as the Opposite of Integrity, Honor and Truth

Moments ago on “Risk and Reward,” Trump 2020 Senior Adviser Katrina Pierson discussed James Comey’s first “book tour” interview where he hurled gossip and personal insults at President Trump in a manner that was disgraceful for a former FBI Director.

Katrina Pierson:

We’re supposed to be dealing with a Bureau chief but it looks like, Liz he’s the former Federal Bureau of speculation. These are very serious charges he kind of just left out there….When you have CBS and ABC saying his book was really just petty, recycling 2016 attacks from presidential opponents. You have someone writing a book that is supposed to be about integrity and transparency and honor and truth, when in fact he’s just acting like a big baby and probably hurt himself.

Later in the segment, Pierson discusses the revelation that Comey relied on polling that he believed indicated Hillary Clinton would win in his decision to release information 11 days prior to the election.

This was definitely a shock – when he admitted on television that polling influenced his decision. You have the left accusing the President of politicizing the agency when the former director was using polling to make decisions about investigations. If that doesn’t tell you what you want to know, I don’t know what will.