Katrina Pierson – Clinton Campaign Busted Accusing Others of “Exactly What They’re Guilty Of”

Moments ago, appearing on Risk and Reward, Katrina Pierson discussed how Donna Brazile’s revelations show the hypocrisy and corruption of the Clinton campaign.

Katrina Pierson:

Finally, somebody was telling the truth about what many of us already assumed and that is that the Clinton campaign no longer colluded but they are corrupt. She has told us the truth, that the DNC did rig the primary process in favor of Hillary Clinton. But I think her most salient observation here is the hypocrisy that happened inside the Clinton campaign. The entire time Hillary Clinton ran a campaign on sexism, she accused all of her critics of being sexist including Bernie Sanders. All the while, her own campaign team were engaging in such practices so she has let all of us know that the Clinton campaign has one bad habit and that is accusing everyone else of doing exactly what they’re guilty of.