Katrina Pierson Calls for Probe on Obama’s Campaign Paying Firm Funding Dossier

Moments ago, Katrina Pierson reacted to the bombshell news that the Obama Campaign paid nearly a million dollars to Fusion GPS, the firm funding the Dossier. Pierson then participated in a lively debate with Democrat strategist Mustafa Tameez over the controversy.

Rob Schmitt:

Does this threaten the credibility of the Russia collusion investigation? Does this throw a shadow on it?

Katrina Pierson:

Not only does it threaten the credibility,  Rob, this is unethical and potentially criminal. Here we’re talking about the sitting President of the United States whose own campaign is using it’s resources to fund a defamatory smear campaign against a political opponent…to take that further, potentially used it, and then pushed it to the taxpayer funded law agency in order to prosecute that political opponent. There’s only one thing that needs to be done here and that is a probe needs to be opened to find out exactly what happened while President Obama was in office with regards to everything they did to the Trump Campaign staff.