Katrina Pierson on the Booming Trump Economy the Media Refuses to Report On

Moments ago on Fox Business “Making Money,” Katrina Pierson discussed the booming Trump economy the mainstream liberal media refuses to report on.

While the Dow continues to make new milestones, jobs are up and unemployment is down, the still “sore from losing” mainstream media only wants to talk about salacious fake news smears and gossip related to the Presidency.

Katrina Pierson:

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This is another historic day for the Trump administration, you have mentioned the stock market closing at 25 thousand… This is record breaking. So here we are once again, loving the fact the President is putting America first. There are now 40 companies that are out there talking about the tax reform and how they are going to do investments and raise wages. This is a crescendo that’s going to move across the country.