Katrina Pierson Blasts Twitter’s Vijaya Gadde for Failing to Ban Actor Who Called Candace Owens the N-Word

Saturday, Hollywood actor Geoffrey Thorne caused an uproar when he took to Twitter to write to conservative Candace Owens “they will never think of you as anything but an obedient N***”

The racist tweet had many wondering why the Hollywood actor has not been suspended or banned on Twitter.

Trump 2020 Campaign advisor took to Twitter to put their Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead Vijaya Gadde on blast.

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“Hey @vijaya – Did @Twitter suddenly remove the “N” word from its hate speech or harassment policy? Or is @RealCandaceO an exemption? Just curious”

Last month Vijaya Gadde appeared on the “Joe Rogan Show” where she claimed Twitter was not biased against conservatives.

Guest Tim Pool did not agree.

In February, DailyCaller’s editor in chief was locked out of Twitter simply for writing “learn to code” which Gadde somehow interpreted as meaning something unacceptable towards journalists.