Katrina Pierson – CNN is “Purposely Misleading the American Public”

Moments ago on “Making Money with Charles Payne,” Katrina Pierson reacted to the mainstream media fake news epidemic sweeping America.

While outlets like CNN, ABC, and Bloomberg continue to report inaccurate smears against President Trump, followed by lesser seen retractions and apologies, Pierson agrees with Sarah Huckabee Sanders that anti-Trump forces are “purposely misleading the American public.”

Katrina Pierson:

You would have to be brand new to cable news, Charles, to see it any other way. As Sarah mentioned, this is purposely misleading the American public. Since Dec 1st – we’re only at the 2nd week of December and we’ve had how many stories now be retracted?  From CNN itself, just this Friday had to fix a story that they put out. We’ve had ABC News, a story that actually impacted the stock market and we had Bloomberg. It seems to be a daily basis now where media outlets are constantly putting out misleading information about this President and his administration.