Justice Demanded for Kate Steinle as DOJ Files Federal Warrant for Killer

After the shocking verdict in the Kate Steinle murder trial, Trump supporters were outraged, and immediately demanded justice.

The Department of Justice responded quickly, and new reports seem to indicate that the DOJ has filed a federal arrest warrant for the killer, Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, who was found “not guilty” by a San Francisco jury.

President Trump helped bring the tragic death of Kate to light, after the liberal mainstream media refused to mention the story, and has been vocal in his desire for justice for the Steinle family.

After the verdict was announced, President Trump was one of the many people who voiced their disappointment, and in a tweet, called the decision to acquit the 7-time convicted felon “disgraceful.”

The president also slammed the weak border security policies of Barack Obama, which allowed a violent criminal like Zarate to keep coming back, until he eventually murdered an innocent American, and slammed his exoneration as “a complete travesty of justice.”

President Trump was not the only one who was upset by the verdict, and Acting Director of ICE, Thomas Homan, appeared on Fox News to share his thoughts, as well as to demand justice for Kate.

As the head of ICE, Homan said he felt “sickened” by the verdict, adding that he believes sanctuary cities like San Francisco “gotta be held accountable,” as should Kate’s killer.


Conservative pundits, who have also been vocal about the Steinle case since before the 2016 election, were disgusted by the verdict too, and joined in the outraged calls for justice, safety, and the expedited construction of President Trump’s border wall.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz called upon his fellow lawmakers in the Senate, beseeching them to pass the proposed “Kate’s Law,” which would have prevented the loss of Kate Steinle.

Although the death of Kate Steinle was tragic and senseless, and the verdict was appalling, Americans can rest assured that her killer WILL face justice, and as we speak, President Trump and his administration are working overtime to “Make America SAFE Again.”