Jon Voight: We Must ‘Stand With President Trump For His Next Win

As reported by DailyCaller

Conservative actor Jon Voight expressed his support for President Donald Trump in a video released via Twitter on Tuesday night.

“My fellow Americans, I stand with you and the truth of our nation, with great pride and honor,” said Voight. “I say this truly from a place of God’s truths. Our nation is stronger and wiser because we have taken a chance on a man who has become the greatest president. I’m honored to call him President Trump.”

The 80-year-old actor lauded the “magnificent documentations that have been signed, sealed and delivered to this country and its glory.”

“We must continue this race of truths and stand with President Trump for his next win,” said Voight, referring to the approaching 2020 presidential race. “Because this is more than win; this is not a sacrifice. This is God’s honor, God’s trust for this nation. For this land of liberty. For justice for all.”

“This is America, this land of the free. This is our president, Donald Trump, that will set the nation to be the greatest land of peace and love … and great again. God bless.”

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