Joe Concha Blasts Newsweek’s Comparison Between Trump and Charles Manson

Recently, one of America’s most infamous serial killers, Charles Manson, died in prison at 83-years-old.

Naturally, the mainstream media couldn’t wait to try and somehow link Manson to none other than President Trump, and sure enough, liberal rag Newsweek got right on it.

As Fox News guest, Joe Concha, points out, the writer of the article outright admits that he had no idea what Manson said to attract his followers, and knowing this, it’s obvious that he just made the connection to attack President Trump.

As Concha said, “This is all about TDS, or ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,'” and he’s absolutely right, and after the left has used up their list of villains to compare President Trump to, they had to settle for Manson.

In fact, the only reason the comparison was made, like Concha said, is because Manson was “breathing within the last 72 hours,” and was a “trending” topic, so naturally, it presented the fake news media with another opportunity to attack our president.

This is nothing new, and at this point, we all expect it from the liberal media, who don’t even bother hiding their anti-Trump agenda.

With the rest of the world taking notice of President Trump’s leadership and negotiation skills, following his highly successful trip to Asia, the American mainstream media is drawing unwanted attention to themselves for their blatant, biased coverage of the president.

As reported by FoxNews

Dan Gainor, vice president of Media Research Center, which documents liberal media bias, called the piece “clickbait” and said Newsweek stopped being a legitimate news organization years ago.

“It’s almost predictable that some idiot online will write an outlandish story connecting Trump to the villain du jour, all designed to generate web traffic and ad dollars. We worked through all the major historical villains the media could tie the president to — Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini. They called him a strongman, a dictator and worse. Now it’s Manson, Weinstein and probably Mugabe,” Gainor told Fox News. “The media are running out of hyperbole. It’s all embarrassingly stupid. No one gets held to account for it. And the cycle begins again with the next clickbait article.”

Newsweek reporter Melissa Matthews, who wrote the piece, has recently written such other gems as “Why more orgasms can relieve sinus pressure,” and “Is PMS real or a myth?”