Jack Brewer “Trump: the First Black President”

By Jack Brewer – Townhall

I never thought, in all my years of serving the most underserved black people on the planet, that I would be called an “Uncle Tom.”

However, that is exactly what happened to me and other community leaders and patriots last week after we attended a Black History Month event hosted by President Trump at the White House.

We were gathered to celebrate the historic achievements that President Trump has secured for black Americans. From resurrecting American inner cities with Opportunity Zones to record-low unemployment, rising wages, criminal justice reform, record-high funding for HBCUs, and fighting for school choice, President Trump has accomplished what Democrat politicians have long promised — and failed — to deliver.

That is why I proudly called President Trump the first Black President — not because of the color of his skin, but because of the content of his administration’s victories. He is the first president to have a real agenda for Black America.

For daring to think differently, CNN’s Keith Boykin slurred me and other attendees as “Uncle Toms.”

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I have long been committed to supporting nutrition and education programs, as well as women’s health and pediatric care, which have helped hundreds of thousands of the most underserved blacks on the planet. In my travels, I have seen and learned a lot.

But my real awakening came in 2012, after working as a loyal and motivated advocate for Barack Obama.

At the time, I was devoted to my projects in Haiti, providing much-needed aid to a nation struck by a devastating earthquake and then, a few years later, by the destructive power of a hurricane.

I quickly began to see how the Obama Administration and the Clinton Foundation squandered the $13 billion that was meant to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure.

Haitians are still suffering, and to this day, no one has been held accountable.

There was no uprising, no moral outrage at this miscarriage of justice in the poorest nation in the West and the first Independent Black Nation.

“WOKE” culture slept.

In 2014, I had another revelation. The president that I voted for twice was approaching the end of his presidency and had still done nothing to pass real criminal justice reform. I then learned that his vice president was one of the drafters of the 1994 crime bill that systematically incarcerated millions of black fathers.

Once again, “WOKE” culture slept.

Eight years came and went. “Hope” and “Change” came and went. Two terms of a president who was supposed to look out for Black Americans came and went.

Then, in 2016, along came a straight shooting New York businessman called Donald Trump.

He asked us, “What do you have to lose?”

I listened.

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