Iranian Protesters Thank Trump for his Support, Call for Harsher Sanctions

The effects of the election of President Donald Trump are being felt throughout the world, and as countries like Britain demand their own freedom from globalist domination, others, such as the protesters in Iran, are demanding a different kind of liberty.

Emboldened by President Trump’s strong stance against the brutal and corrupt Iranian government, the people of Iran have risen up, and risked their lives and freedom to demand a better life, and are demonstrating and protesting across the nation.

Unlike Barack Obama, who cozied up to the tyrannical Iranian leaders, President Trump has sternly condemned the government for violating human rights, and other abuses, and Iranians agree.

Iranian protesters thanked President Trump for his support, and asked him to help convince other Western nations to help with putting pressure on the Iranian government.

“We thank you President Trump,” said one Iranian protester, in an interview with Fox News, and added, “We call on all of the supporters of the people who press this regime from different fronts, to put pressure with you and overthrow with us.”

Iranian protesters have asked the United States and the rest of the world to “impose major sanctions on the regime,” which protesters say should include “sanctions for human rights violations.”