Iowa Voter Called “Damn Liar” By Biden Just Wanted Him to “Answer the Hard Stuff”

As reported by FoxNews

The retired Iowa farmer who confronted Joe Biden over his son’s business activities in Ukraine on Thursday — prompting Biden to call him a “damn liar” at a campaign event — said he meant no disrespect to the former vice president, he just wanted some answers.

“I’m not trying to cause him problems,” the 83-year-old, identified by the New York Post as Marine Corps veteran Merle Gorman, told reporters, according to a video posted by CBS News. “I’m just trying to bring out all of this bulls— that he’s been telling here today is all softball stuff. He don’t wanna answer the hard stuff.”

“He’s been in Congress all of his life and all of the problems like high drug prices and all of that … Where in the hell has he been for the last 50 years? And he’s going to change it all now? Bulls—.”

At one point Gorman started to suggest that Biden should “drop out of the race” and support another candidate — before he was cut off by a heckler, according to a video posted by the Washington Examiner.

“Why don’t you just get out of here?” the unidentified heckler said, leaning in to speak into Gorman’s ear as Gorman sat in a chair surrounded by reporters. But Gorman didn’t seem amused by the heckler.

“Stick it up your a–, fella,” Gorman said as the heckler walked away.