Hurt: Pelosi Can’t Lead Dems Because She’s Consumed With Hatred for Trump

During President Trump’s State of the Union address, while the rest of America was cheering for things every person no matter their political party should be proud of, Nancy Pelosi any most of her peers were too consumed with hatred for Trump to even crack a smile.

From FoxNews

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On “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif) over-the-top negative reaction to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address shows that she has been consumed with “hatred” for the president.

“Without any basis on evidence, data and the rest, he makes these statements about newcomers to our country and equating it in a criminal way. What was that about?” Pelosi said during a press conference with Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday. “It was — I wouldn’t say confusing. It was worse than that. It was dangerous what he said last night.”

“And it is instilled fear,” she continued. “What he is doing brings tears to the eyes of the Statue of Liberty, and instills fear in the hearts of the people who are concerned about our DREAMers.”

Hurt said this is just more exaggeration from Pelosi after her now-infamous “crumbs” remark about the positive effects of the Republican tax cuts.

He said he will be interested to see if Pelosi remains in a leadership position in the Democratic Party.

“She has become so consumed with her disapproval and even, I would say, hatred of Donald Trump, she’s kind of lost sight of any mission or any vision for what her party stands for,” Hurt said. “You can’t win without some sort of vision, some sort of message.”