House Dem Complains FISA Memo will Erode America’s Confidence in the FBI

Rep. Jim Hines does not seem to understand that Americans deserve to see the FISA memo because they deserve know the truth.

Instead he argues that the memo should be hidden because it will erode America’s confidence in the FBI.

Ironically, the only reason this memo is coming to light is because of the Mueller witch hunt investigation, which has attempted in vain to prove Trump-Russia collusion.

As reported by the WashingtonExaminer

Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., warned Thursday that the release of a Republican memo detailing the FBI’s alleged surveillance abuses would undermine the confidence people have in the FBI.

But he fumed that Republicans are seeking that result in order to protect Trump from the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, and accused them of using “false information” toward that end.

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“What is happening here is not in any way, shape or form unclear,” said Himes, a House Intelligence Committee member, on MSNBC. “You have a political attempt, drawing on falsehoods, and the victim in this case will be the American people’s, or at least a portion of the American people’s confidence in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice.”

“And that’s a terrible, terrible cost to pay for an ugly political maneuver designed to protect the president from Bob Mueller’s investigation,” he said.

Republicans are expected to release their memo as early as Thursday, over the objections of Democrats like Himes who say releasing it would be damaging. Himes said Democrats believe much in the GOP memo is not true, although Republicans say the FBI does not dispute its major findings.