Hillary Refuses to Address Uranium or Dossier Scandal, Desperately Tries to Deflect

Hillary Clinton refused to address two  bombshell scandals she is involved with during her most recent ABC interview Wednesday.

Clinton did not comment on the Obama-era Russian uranium scandal she is a central part of currently being investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee. She also did not comment on the recent revelations that her campaign, along with the DNC funded the discredited Trump dossier. We now also know that her campaign likely violated federal campaign finance law by failing to disclose the payments.

Instead of giving her thoughts on these scandals, Clinton tried desperately to deflect attention to anti-Trump Republicans Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, who have already both been relegated to lame duck status.

As reported in TheHill

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that she is worried about the trajectory of the modern Republican Party, warning in a new interview that the GOP is “imploding” under President Trump’s leadership.

In remarks first reported by ABC News on Wednesday, Clinton pointed to the decisions of GOP Sens. Bob Corker (Tenn.) and Jeff Flake (Ariz.) not to seek reelection and to sharply attack Trump as signs that many Republican lawmakers privately think the president is unfit for office, and that the GOP is quickly veering to the “far-right.”

“You know, we’ve seen in the last week, we’ve seen Bob Corker, we’ve seen Jeff Flake … there are a lot of other people in the Republican Party who feel exactly the same way,” Clinton said Wednesday.

“And I think when they appear on TV, or they are interviewed, they need to be pressed,” Clinton added.