Here’s why Trump’s Tech-Guru Campaign Manager has Dems “Terrified”

As reported by BizPacReview

President Donald Trump’s manager for his 2020 re-election campaign made a bold prediction that has some on the left worried.

Brad Parscale, the president’s 2016 Digital Director, is helping Trump’s re-election efforts by leveraging social media platforms and other methods will pay off in major ways for 2020.

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The 43-year-old from San Antonio took to Twitter Thursday to announce that Election Day 2020 will see the culmination of three years’ work “building most powerful campaign ever seen in politics.”

Parscale’s tweet linked to an op-ed published Thursday in The Hill by Tara McGowan, founder of a progressive organization helping Democrats’ election efforts.

McGowan admitted that what Trump’s 2020 campaign has already built to reach and mobilize voters “terrifies” her, noting how the explosion of “social media and mobile apps have transformed how we live our lives and how political elections are won or lost.”

“Donald Trump’s campaign has taken advantage of these changes to build a highly strategic reelection campaign that any potential 2020 candidate should pay attention to,” McGowan added, noting some examples.

She suggested Trump “is utilizing a modern playbook to win” by focusing on digital platforms to reach voters, and warned that “Democrats are entering the 2020 race at a disadvantage.” She suggested Democrats should “center their campaigns around digital talent and strategies” in order to compete with Republicans who, with Parscale’s expertise, are successfully prioritizing digital platforms.