Group of Florida Trump Supporters Get Surprise Invite to Mar-a-Lago!

This is a  heartwarming story you will certainly never see the liberal media cover!

As reported by FoxNews

A group of Trump supporters who gathered in Palm Beach, Florida, over the weekend to welcome the president to Mar-a-Lago got the surprise of a lifetime when they were invited to visit Trump’s private club.

One of those Trump supporters, Donald Tarca Jr., explained on “Fox & Friends” that about 16 of them had gathered at an intersection on Saturday to watch Trump’s motorcade pass by.

About 20 minutes after the motorcade passed the sign-waving crowd, a van stopped near them and a Secret Service agent said Trump would like to meet the group at Mar-a-Lago.

Two vans brought them to the club where they had the opportunity to pose for group and individual photographs with the president.