Goodwin: Pelosi shamed herself at Trump’s State of the Union address

Here’s a question for Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Have you heard of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity? The one where he says it’s “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”?

To judge by your conduct, I’m guessing you haven’t. Either that or you think Einstein was an idiot, too.

Then again, maybe you’re a secret Republican agent trying to re-elect President Trump. Is that why you keep making the same mistake over and over again?

You’ve been screwing up for three years, starting with the juvenile resistance where you refused even to negotiate over big national interests such as border control. Then, just when it seemed you couldn’t sink any lower than that cheap, partisan impeachment you engineered, you hit a new low during the State of the Union.

Your mumbling and sneering smiles throughout President’s Trump’s powerful address were bad enough, but your decision to tear into shreds your copy of his speech and drop it like a dead fish was shameful beyond measure.

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Coming immediately after he finished, and while he was still on the podium, you had to know the television cameras would catch you. No doubt that was your goal — to display your disgust to the nation and the world. Viva la resistance!

Message received, and here’s back at you: You disgraced your office and all of Congress.

If you had an ounce of decency and respect for something other than your own power, you would apologize. Better yet, take a hike and give your job to somebody who wants to help make America better, not tear it up.

House Republicans must immediately demand a censure vote, making clear their strong disapproval of Pelosi’s temper tantrum. Let Democrats show where they stand on such reprehensible conduct.

In one sense, Pelosi’s distress is understandable. Trump’s address was long because he had a long list of big accomplishments to cite, and every Republican standing ovation had to drive her closer to the edge. She often seemed to be talking to herself, and finally snapped.

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