Former Clinton Aide Predicts Trouble for “Unethical” James Comey

Although Lanny Davis served both Bill and Hillary Clinton with loyalty for years, he recently opened up during an interview with Bill O’Reilly, calling out former FBI Director James Comey without hesitation.

“I consider James Comey to have acted unethically, and he should have been fired by Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch because he violated Justice Department policies by holding a press conference and expressing his opinion publicly on the evidence,” said Davis.

The former White House Special Counsel continued, “[Comey’s] decision to write a letter eleven days before the election – that hurt Clinton or hurt Trump – was not consistent with fifty years of Justice Department policy to do nothing that might impact the presidential election.”

Davis said that he was interviewed by the Inspector General regarding Comey’s handling of the Clinton email case, and recommended he be terminated from his position.

Additionally, Davis also claimed to have given unseen documents to the Inspector General, stating, “I think that’s where I think the Inspector General will come down on Comey very hard as well as on [Andrew] McCabe.”