Fmr Secret Service Agent – FBI “Housecleaning Needs to Happen Right Now”

The leadership of the Obama/Comey-era FBI has been exposed as a cesspool of weaponized political bias.

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino speaks for all American patriots when he says it’s time to clean house.

As reported by FoxNews

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said a major “housecleaning” has to take place at the FBI to restore the public trust.

“Or, we’re going to all be in a lot of trouble,” Bongino said.

The former Maryland Congressional candidate added that during his time in the U.S.S.S., he came to know how hard the rank-and-file federal agents work and how diligent they are.

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“None of this is in any way an indictment of the working men and women of the FBI,” he said.

Bongino said that, nonetheless, people are beginning to question actions reportedly taken by high-ranking officials like Agent Peter Strzok and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.