FLASHBACK: Rachel Maddow Goes from Smug to Devastated Election Night 2016

Rachel Maddow has been in the headlines recently for pitching a conspiracy theory related to troops in Niger that was so absurd that even her liberal pals at the Huffington Post had to debunk her deranged theory that of course pitted blame on President Trump.

Appearing on Risk and Reward, America First Policies spokesperson Katrina Pierson commented on Maddow’s descent into madness “I’ve got to tell you i’m really shocked that it’s taken this long for Rachel Maddow to go completely off the rails after her epic meltdown election night.”

Which brings us to this classic flashback video of Rachel Maddow before and after the 2016 election.

As Pierson points out, “this is someone who was very giddy on her show about how the candidate Trump could win every single swing state and still lose.”