Five New Nominees added to the List of Potential Supreme Court Justices

If you ask Trump supporters what their top reason for voting for him was, you’ll get many different answers.

Some voted for President Trump because they knew he could fix the economy and bring back jobs, for others, things like immigration or the left’s war on American culture was a top priority, and in just one year, the president has proven to be working hard on all fronts.

However, many see an even longer term benefit to Trump’s presidency.

President Trump is in a uniquely strong position to appoint a number of Supreme Court Justices during his term.

Earlier today, the White House announced that five new nominees have been added to the list of potential Supreme Court Justices, bringing the number of names on the list to 25.

Rumors indicate that Justice Anthony Kennedy is considering retirement at 81, after 20 years serving the Supreme Court, putting President Trump in the position to appoint his second SCOTUS Justice since his inauguration.

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By appointing SCOTUS Justices who value American culture, the rule of law, and the Constitution of the United States, President Trump would ensure that our country remains as it was intended to be.