First Family Proudly Celebrates African American History Month

On Tuesday, the First Family celebrated African American History Month, focusing specifically on the courageous African American heroes of the U.S. military, and their extraordinary sacrifice.

“The very proud history of African-Americans serving our country in uniform began way back in our nation’s founding.” the president said, describing the contributions to American freedom made by African American soldiers.

“Long before our nation righted the wrongs of slavery and segregation, African Americans gave their hearts, their sweat, their blood, and their very lives to defend the United States, its flag, and its highest ideals,” said President Trump, who vowed to “protect the birthright of freedom for all Americans.”

President Trump also spoke of the Civil Rights leaders, whose dedication to overcome oppression and inequality “have brought out the best in America.”

“As we come together to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of African Americans to our nation, our thoughts turn to the heroes of the Civil Rights movement whose courage and sacrifice have really, totally inspired us all,” said the president.

President Trump also mentioned the African American unemployment rate, which under his leadership, has been the lowest of any time in American history, saying, “We’ve made such incredible progress over the last year.”

First Lady Melania took to Twitter, where she described the celebration as “wonderful,” and said that she and President Trump look forward to hosting future events.