Facing a Dem Manufactured Shutdown, Trump has a Positive Message for America

On Friday evening, Democrats proved to the country that they’re more interested in catering to illegal immigrants than they are in protecting our military and American citizens, as they shut down the government intentionally.

Despite this shameful act, President Trump and his administration aren’t missing a beat, and the president took to social media on Saturday to share a positive message with the country.

“Unprecedented success for our country, in so many ways, since the election,” said Trump, who cited the historic stock market numbers, the near elimination of ISIS, record unemployment numbers, the tax overhaul, and other victories.

President Trump also added, “Big 2018,” as he has promised to outdo the success of his amazing first year as Commander in Chief.

Earlier in the day, President Trump scolded Democrats for their betrayal of the American people, and shamed them for being “far more concerned with illegal immigrants” than they are with the military or safety of the country.

“They could have easily made a deal, but decided to play ‘shutdown politics‘ instead,” said the president, who stressed the need to elect more Republicans to Congress for 2018, in order to get the votes needed to get things done.

The U.S. Stock Market didn’t take much notice of the Democrats’ manufactured shutdown, however, and the numbers continued to reflect President Trump’s “America First” agenda, as they have done throughout the year.