Eric Trump Looks Back at Year One of His Father’s Presidency (VIDEO)

As President Trump nears the end of his first year in office, it’s obvious, regardless of what the mainstream media desperately tries to portray, that his presidency is a roaring success.

In just under a year, Trump has managed to revive and heal the badly-damaged economy, which was lifeless after eight years of Obama’s anti-capitalism policies.

Over one million jobs have already been created, businesses are returning to the United States, trade deals are being renegotiated, and Americans are breathing easier.

On Sunday, President Trump’s son, Eric, joined Maria Bartiromo of Fox News for a look back at his dad’s first year in the White House, and he’s got a lot to be proud of.

As Eric points out, unemployment is at an all time low, the military is being rebuilt, and our veterans are being taken care of, all while adding over six trillion dollars to the economy.

“The Russian thing is a total sham, it is nonsense, there is zero collusion with Russia,” said Eric, adding, “Look at Uranium One, are people really naive enough to believe that somebody gave Hillary Clinton $145million dollars for nothing?”

Eric Trump called the Uranium One scandal a “travesty,” saying, “it’s horrible what happened,” slamming Mueller over chasing “nonsense” while refusing to look into “hardcore facts.”

When asked if he believed Clinton would be held accountable for her actions, Eric replied, “As an American citizen, I certainly hope their would be.”

The youngest Trump son discussed the tax reform plan, saying, “We HAVE to get tax reform done,” while acknowledging the fact that his own taxes would likely be higher, and pointed out that the Democrats’ standard accusation of “Only raising taxes for the rich” is “garbage.”

Eric ended the interview by talking about his father’s highly successful trip to Asia, saying, “He’s done more to mend relationships in Asia than has been done in three decades.”