Eric Trump “My Father Didn’t Need to Become President, He Sacrificed”

Calling in to “Risk and Reward,” Eric Trump explains that his father “wanted to do one great thing, he wanted to make America great again”

Eric Trump:

Does it ever feel nice to see your father criticized? No. When you sign up for this, you naturally sign up for, you know, a little bit of what comes with it. And you have to have an iron shield.

I mean, you just have to. And if you didn’t quite frankly, you wouldn’t last long in this business. He’s as tough as it comes and, you know, he’s a fighter and he fights back and, you know, I love that about him. And I always said America needs a fighter.

Probably more so now than ever before. But, you know, it’s never fun seeing somebody that you love so much be attacked. And he’s incredible at what he does, and he sacrificed a tremendous amount to do this, you know?

He’s the one person who didn’t need to become, you know, president. He sacrificed a tremendous amount and worked very hard and he put a lot of his own money behind him, and he wanted to do one, great thing. He wanted to make America great again.