Why Eric Holder and James Comey are Nervous

As more  revelations come to light, further exposing the unbelievable corruption that tainted the FBI and the DOJ under the Obama administration, those responsible, especially Eric Holder and James Comey, have suddenly become a very “public” presence.

Interestingly, both Holder and Comey were virtually silent throughout Obama’s time in the White House, only to emerge after the election of Donald Trump, “reborn” as anti-Trump “crusaders” against the president they are so threatened by.

J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ attorney, joined Fox News for an interview, and said that both Holder and Comey are “nervous” due to the “bad behavior” which occurred during the election.

The FBI and the DOJ, which became politicized “tools” for Obama to use against his enemies, and lost all credibility under the leadership of Obama’s sycophants, Holder, Comey, Lynch, and others.

Now, as the country learns the extent of the corruption, Obama-era “Deep State” shills are starting to panic, and in their frenzy, are lashing out publicly using social media.