Donald Trump Jr. Defends the Second Amendment While Exposing Jeff Flake’s Blunder

After the tragic shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, Democrats came out of the woodwork to demand more gun control.

Despite the fact that already-existing gun control policies failed to prevent the killer from murdering 26 people, liberals and fake conservatives, like Arizona’s Senator Jeff Flake, adamantly contest that more laws are the solution.

Flake, who saw his approval ratings drop to unprecedented lows following a series of attacks against President Trump, has been increasingly hostile toward the Trump White House since announcing his retirement from politics.

In a desperate bid for attention, Flake tweeted about writing a bill to keep anyone who’s convicted of domestic violence from being able to legally purchase a firearm.

Unfortunately for Flake, lame duck Senator apparently didn’t realize laws have existed for 20 years that were designed to keep people convicted of domestic violence from buying guns.

Being a hunter, Donald Trump Jr. knows guns and gun laws, and quickly pointed out that Flake’s “idea” for new laws has been around since the 1990s.

Flake, being a Democrat at heart, couldn’t admit he was wrong, and chose to reply with a sanctimonious tweet that would have made any liberal proud.

Donald Jr. wasn’t finished, though, and his next reply left Flake wishing he’d stayed offline, as the Junior Trump took the gloves off, blaming the shooting on government employees who failed to do their job.

The mass murder in Sutherland Springs was a tragedy that more gun control laws could not have prevented, because laws that existed for 20 years failed to do anything.

Thankfully, although the left and establishment elites like Jeff Flake want to abolish the Second Amendment, patriots like Donald Trump Jr. are fighting to defend our constitutional rights.