Devin Nunes Is Successfully Exposing the Blatant Bias of Mueller’s Witch Hunt Team

In a shocking revelation, the country recently learned that Robert Mueller’s investigation team, which has spent over $6 million dollars of taxpayer money chasing “Russian collusion” myths, was far more biased than originally thought.

Peter Strozk, an FBI agent and former member of Mueller’s team, was fired for sending anti-Trump text messages to another member of the team, Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair.

Andrew Weissman, a top prosecutor working with Robert Mueller has been exposed openly praising former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce President Trump’s travel ban.

This information is extremely disturbing, and America is demanding answers, as we watch Mueller and his investigative team continue to spend taxpayer money on an investigation that, especially after recent developments, is looking more like a biased witch-hunt.

One patriotic American, Senator Devin Nunes, is fighting back against this travesty of justice, and as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has battled against the DOJ and the FBI, demanding information and answers.

Although both agencies, which have become tarnished and politicized under the Obama administration, have “resisted” Nunes’ investigation, he has refused to let them off the hook, and after a threat of contempt charges against FBI Director Chris Wray, and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, both relented.

Many conservative politicians and pundits are furious, and as the FBI has proven in recent years to be interested in doing anything but protecting American citizens, the country is growing angrier as new information surfaces.

The fact that the House Intel Committee had to be formed and to force the FBI an the DOJ to cooperate is disturbing, to say the least, and gives credence the existence of a “Deep State” organization, which is clearly operating to impeach and remove President Trump.

Thankfully, those loyal to America are aware that this investigation into “Russian collusion” is a farce, and are exposing the shady dealings and practices of Robert Mueller’s team to the rest of the country.