Devin Nunes Drops Bombshell that it was Obama who Failed on Russia

Appearing on Laura Ingraham yesterday, House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes revealed that during the Obama administration, it was Republicans that were “begging” to do something about the Russia problem, but were ignored.

In addition, he revealed that John Kerry is believed to have been intimately involved with passing along a second dossier to the FBI.

Devin Nunes:

Republicans for a long time, especially on the house intelligence committee, we were begging the Obama administration to do something about the Russia problem, and they ignored us. I even said it was our largest intelligence failure since 9/11, our failure to understand Putin and yet the mainstream media doesn’t care.

I can tell you that the State Department was gathering information and passing it to very strange places. That should not have happened. The Obama State Department…John Kerry had been briefed on the dossier, the new dossier, and they had provided it also to the FBI.

Watch the video: