Dershowitz: James Comey Is “Revenge-Driven,” Should Be Trusted by “Nobody”

Moments ago speaking with Tucker Carlson, legal icon Alan Dershowitz explained why “Revenge Driven” James Comey is an absolute disgraceful representation of law enforcement and should be trusted by nobody.


He’s exactly the wrong person to have headed the most important law enforcement agency in the United States. This sounds a horrible message to FBI agents about leaking and confidences and trying to keep emotion out of law enforcement and politics out of law enforcement. To me, the worst part of it is when he compares the president to a mob boss which proves my point that you can create crimes out of almost anything and call of mob boss of somebody who is running the presidency of the United States and the fact that he is willing to stay on television, that it’s possible that the president was with in a hotel room, he’s the head of the FBI. He knows the truth. He has seen all the secrets and for him to start speculating on that cut of nonsense and rubbish and not to disclose when he spoke to the president as you said, though this information was paid for by political opponent, I used to have a good feeling about Comey. I met him a few times when he was in Boston I now have very strong negative feelings about him and it enhances the suspicion that so many Americans now have against the law enforcement. Nobody today would trust Comey with secrets or confidences.