Dems Lose Shutdown Game of Chicken and Embarrass Themselves in the Process

On Monday, President Trump and his administration met with Democrats again, in an attempt to end the government shutdown, which was manufactured by the left, and went into effect on Friday evening.

With an 81-18 vote in the Senate to break the Democrats’ intentional shutdown of the government, funding will continue until February 8th.

With their latest stunt, the Democrats proved to the country that their desire to cater to undermine President Trump far outweighed their desire to help the American people.

By intentionally causing a government shutdown, Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi further alienating the American voters, and bringing more ire and scrutiny down upon the badly damaged Democratic Party.

Republican lawmakers and pundits mocked Schumer and the Democrats for their embarrassing behavior, and quickly pointed out that Schumer was essentially offered the same deal on Friday, but balked, likely in order to force his publicity stunt shutdown that was widely unpopular.

On Twitter, Democrats,  Trump supporters and #NeverTrumpers alike agreed on one thing for once – Team Schumer lost this one badly.