Democrats want to run US after their Iowa caucus ineptitude?

The Democratic Party was humbled by an app Monday night. A day later, it still didn’t have voting results for the 31st most populous state in the nation.

Yet this is the same party that wants the American people to believe it can remake a $20 trillion economy with free college, free health care and a “green new deal” all without a hiccup.

One major underlying theme proposed by all the Democrats running for president is competence — that they are all better suited for the job than President Trump, who can’t properly run his real estate business much less the country.

Just ignore the low unemployment numbers, good economic growth and strong wage increases. Look past the killing of high-ranked terrorists without embroiling the nation in an all-out war. Wave away the decent trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada.

Contrast that with the gang that can’t shoot straight. One of the party’s alleged victors from Monday’s caucuses, Bernie Sanders, can’t even tally up the costs of all the free stuff he wants to give away if he became president.

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