Criminal Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Colorado Father of Five

As reported by Breitbart

A convicted criminal illegal alien, who has been in the United States for at least eight years, is accused of killing a Colorado father of five children in a deadly crash on August 2, according to law enforcement officials.

new report from Denver ABC 7 reveals that 40-year-old illegal alien Miguel Ramirez Valiente from El Salvador is the suspect accused of hitting and killing Sean Buchanan — a husband to wife Kathy and father to their five children — in a motorcycle crash.

Valiente, police said, over-corrected his vehicle when he swerved into Buchanan’s lane, hitting and killing him. The illegal alien, records obtained by Denver ABC 7 show, was driving without a license and had a prior criminal record. Despite this, Valiente was not arrested on the scene of the accident and locals fear he could flee the country before charges are brought against him.

“He was amazing. It’s trying to figure out what the new normal looks like when the old normal was so good,” Kathy Buchanan, Sean’s wife, told Denver ABC 7.

In 2013, the state of Colorado passed a law that allows eligible illegal aliens to obtain state driver’s licenses.

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